The Greatest Heresy of Our Time

I have lately in several articles pointed out the dangers of Christian political involvement, and have specifically mentioned Christian Conservatism (sometimes spelled Conservativism) as one of the most dangerous turns Christianity has ever taken. I’m not sure, however, that I’ve really made clear why I believe that Christian Conservatism, partnered with the legalist leach that invariably hangs onto it, is now the greatest heresy of our time. In this article, I want to give you some background about the great apostasy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Liberal Christianity, and show how this has now been largely superseded in the twenty-first century by Christian Conservatism. You might be surprised to learn that Liberal Christianity and Christian Conservatism share a major tenet. I want to make clear the vast difference between Christian Conservatism and Conservative Christianity and establish why Christian Conservatism is so insidious and dangerous to the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.