Our Challenge

Before the Roman authorities arrested Paul, sent him to Rome, and eventually executed him, Paul called for a meeting of church elders. In his farewell speech to them, he commended (or entrusted) them “to God, and to the word of his grace” (Acts 20:32). Significantly, Paul did not entrust them to any man, to any institution, or to the law. He put them under the care of God and God’s Word, which he describes as gracious.

At wordofhisgrace.org, we have a challenge for every church, theological system, and, in fact, every individual Christian who claims to abide by sola scriptura, the Bible alone. Our challenge is for you to re-examine your beliefs in light of God’s Word alone and see if they are truly biblical. Using the Bible alone to interpret itself, find out whether the beliefs you hold dear are really from God. Or are they just from some creed or the fabrications of a sixteenth or seventeenth century European or New England theologian in the pocket of the local politicians. During the course of your study, try using some of our resources. They are sure to challenge you. And, yes, please search the Scriptures to see whether what we say is from the Bible (Acts 17:11).

A Couple of Distinctives

Besides believing that all doctrine should come from the Bible alone, we also teach certain other distinctives because we believe that they are most surely found in the Bible. Two that are found throughout our resources, and for which we especially stand, are:

  • New Covenant Theology: The Old and New Covenants are distinct covenants, Christians are under the New Covenant and not under the Old, Christians are not under the law but under grace, the New Testament interprets the Old Testament (which is a testament of types and shadows). This is often called New Covenant Theology, and is, in fact, the theology of the old Particular Baptists.
  • The Doctrines of Grace: Natural, sinful man is utterly unwilling and, therefore, utterly unable to do anything to save himself from his state of sin and death. But God, in His divine sovereignty, has determined from before the foundation of the world to graciously save his elect people through His Son, their Savior, Jesus Christ. He does not do this based on any good or any faith foreseen in these people, but solely as determined by His sovereign will alone. Because of this, we teach the Doctrines of Grace, also known as the Tulip or the Five Points of Calvinism (no, Calvin did not invent them, and his name being attached to them is a somewhat unfortunate fact of life).

Please Enjoy Our Site

We have a number of resources, and we are adding to them all the time. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will keep you informed of the latest additions. We also have a section where we refute the errors of Armstrongism. This is, in fact, how we got started and we continue to consider it an important part of our mission.