The following audio players include mp3 files of past Word of His Grace radio programs, and some sermons. Each player will play an audio in your browser. If you prefer to download the audio to your computer for future use, click or press the download button. Some of these have companion literature in PDF format. (If you need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it from Adobe here). As we add new material, we will announce it in our newsletter and on RSS.

The Word of His Grace radio program

Twin Dangers — Seeker Sensitivity and Legalism [Related Online Article] [Printable PDF Transcript]


What Is Faith?  [Online Article Version] [Printable PDF Transcript]


Law and Grace [Printable PDF Transcript]


Is Salvation for You? [Online Article Version] [Download a companion booklet]


New Wine [Related Online Article] [Printable PDF Transcript]


Living Sacrifice  [Related Online Article] [Printable PDF Transcript]


Total Depravity  [Download a companion booklet]


Unconditional Election  [Download a companion booklet]


Limited Atonement  [Download a companion booklet]


Irresistible Grace  [Download a companion booklet]


Perseverance of the Saints  [Download a companion booklet]


Biblical Separation  [Printable PDF Transcript]


Christ Crucified  [Printable PDF Transcript]


The Bible Alone [Related Online Article[Printable PDF Transcript]


Repentance [Online Article Version] [Printable PDF Transcript]


The Sermon on the Mount [Related Online Article] [Printable PDF Transcript]



Other sermons

Dead to the Law – Peter Ditzel  [Related Online Article] [Printable PDF Transcript]


No Gift Too Small – Peter Ditzel  [Related Online Article] [Printable PDF Transcript]


What Is Christianity? – Martyn Lloyd-Jones



John Gill and Justification from Eternity [This is a talk by Dr. George M. Ella which he presented to the City On A Hill Sovereign Grace Baptist Chapel in Spring City, Tennessee, in 2002. Please note, however, that I disagree with the theory of justification from eternity as presented by Dr. Ella. You may read my rebuttal here. Please also note that this audio file ends abruptly during the question and answer session. This is not my doing, but is probably due to the original recording running out of tape.]