Should You Be Homeschooling?

by Peter Ditzel

In the past couple of decades, home schooling has risen from the ranks of being considered the bizarre behavior of an obscure group of fringe extremists to being one of the major trends of our society. And is it any wonder? By now, most of us are at least casually familiar with the frequent reports of poor academic performance by public school children. And who can miss the appalling headlines of shootings, drug trafficking, and seedy affairs between teachers and students?


Q. How can I afford to homeschool?

A. I have just read that the Duggar family of Springdale, Arkansas, is expecting its 19th child ( “Arkansas family prepares for baby No. 19” ). In case you don’t already know, the Duggars are headed by Jim Bob (a former Arkansas state legislator who is now a real estate agent) and Michelle. Why this story got me writing is that it reminded me of my promise to write an article about how people can afford to homeschool. You see, the news story points out that the Duggars “feed their entire family on less than $2,000 a month” while living debt free. The article also points out that all of the children are homeschooled. How is this possible?