Is the Bible Also the Word of God? Part 2

A picture of an English Bible open to John 1 speaking of the Word of God
If the Bible does not have the authority of the Word of God, how can we believe any of it, including what it reveals about the personal Word of God?

by Peter Ditzel

In part 1, we saw that the growing belief that Jesus is the only Word of God, and the Bible is only the word of men, is like the unchecked growth of a cancer. This is because, by rejecting the written Word of God, this assertion sheds itself of the means God has given to check unsound doctrine and false belief. We also saw that the Bible and Jesus claim the written Scriptures to be the Word of God. The Scriptures testify about Jesus (John 5:39). If we cast off their authority as the written Word of God, how can we know anything with certainty about Jesus, the personal Word of God?

The claim that the Bible is not the written Word of God is an inconsistent, irrational muddle that can lead only to complete skepticism.