Bill Sykes’ Little Bit

A picture of Archibald G. Brown (1844-1922), a baptist preacher.
Archibald G. Brown (1844-1922) was a baptist preacher who is most frequently known as Spurgeon’s Successor. In reality, his pastoring the Metropolitan Tabernacle after C.H. Spurgeon’s death was only a small portion of a long career. Brown considered Christian political efforts to bring about social reform to be valueless. He also opposed the idea that the church provide activities and amusements to attract people, publishing a pamphlet called, “The Devil’s Mission of Amusement.”

I have sometimes been asked, “How little can someone believe of the Gospel and still be saved?” My answer is that, with the work of the Holy Spirit, an elect sinner who hears a very basic message can go away knowing much more than he immediately realizes. Certainly, it can be enough to believe and be saved.