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Q. Does the Bible say I should refuse to serve or hire people in my business because of their sexual orientation? Are Religious Freedom Restoration Acts biblical?

A. These questions are based on a controversy raging in the United States as I write. Several states have already passed, and others are in various stages of trying to pass, what are being called Religious Freedom Restoration Acts. In general, these acts are designed to define the right of “persons” to act according to their religious beliefs or consciences in their businesses, so long as doing so does not conflict with a “compelling state interest.” In some of these bills, such as that in Indiana, “person” means more than just an individual. Person is also defined as “a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, a company, a firm, a society, a joint-stock company, an unincorporated association” organized and operated for profit or nonprofit purposes that can sue and be sued. Many assert that the motive behind such legislation is to legalize discrimination for religious reasons against people based on their sexual orientation.


Q. Aren’t biblically unsound and even cultic groups doing good in the world by promoting standards of decency and morality? Does Luke 9:49-50 say we shouldn’t forbid them?

A. Let me begin by asking my own questions: What is the commission Christ gave to His disciples? Is it to promote decency and morality? Or is it to preach the Gospel message that Jesus died to save sinners who will trust Him as their Savior?


The Annual Abortion Holocaust

The lack of critical thinking skills among the general public is what keeps many businesses, governments, political parties, and churches afloat. One of the less rational arguments on the planet is the one behind the so-called pro-choice movement. Pro-choice is the euphemism used for the pro-abortion movement. In this article, I want to expose the ludicrousness of the pro-choice position, show why abortion should be considered murder, and explain from the Bible what Christians should and should not do in response to the pro-abortion movement.


Whoever Is President, Jesus Is King

Picture of school bulletin board showing US map and saying Whoever is President, Jesus is King.
This is a picture of a bulletin board outside of a classroom in a local Christian school. What it says is absolutely the truth.

2 Nov. 2016: The 2016 presidential elections in the United States have grabbed global headlines, titillated followers
with scandal, and troubled American voters to what is almost certainly an unprecedented scale. Naturally, we can expect that since the United States is arguably the world’s only superpower and its policies inevitably affect other nations, the campaign to elect its next leader will attract worldwide interest. Yet, this year’s election has riveted attention largely because of the shock effect of the personalities involved. The nominees for the two major parties are seen by many as the worst and most alarming U.S. presidential candidates ever.