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At, we teach sovereign grace, New Covenant Theology from the Bible alone.

God Provides

The overriding purpose of this website, and all of our other activities (publishing, speaking, etc.), is to glorify God and His Christ. This ministry started in the mid-1990s, we launched the website in 2000, and, if it pleases God, then He will provide everything needed to continue these activities. We do not ask humans for money, or anything, but bring our needs in prayer to God.

This does not mean that God has not used people to provide our needs. He has. In case He has led you to cheerfully donate to this work, we have provided a PayPal "Make A Donation" button below. You do not have to create a PayPal account to donate through PayPal.

If you would rather donate by mail, we have provided an address below. Please make the check or money order out to Peter Ditzel, as we do not have a corporation, either profit or nonprofit. Registering with the government as a corporation implies seeking government approval and supervision, invites government interference when laws become more intrusive (as they almost certainly will), and is an unbiblical hybridizing of the kingdom of God with the kingdom of men.

But, again, we want to emphasize that we are not asking for, or even hinting for, donations. On this page, we are merely providing the means for you to donate should God be leading you to do so.

You may write to:
Peter Ditzel
1197 Polk Road 23
Cove, AR 71937