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At, we teach sovereign grace, New Covenant Theology from the Bible alone.


Most of the articles in this section are a refutation of the teachings of the late Herbert W. Armstrong and the churches that continue to follow his doctrines. About Us briefly explains why publishes these articles and A Personal Note expresses our continuing concern for those caught in the web of Armstrongism.

Index to Armstrongism Articles

About Us

A Personal Note

3 Days + 3 Nights = 1 False Doctrine

Aren't biblically unsound and even cultic groups doing good in the world by promoting standards of decency and morality? Does Luke 9:49-50 say we shouldn't forbid them?

Are You Following the Doctrines of Antichrists?

Are You Following the Weak and Beggarly Elements, Rudiments, and Principles of this World?

Authority and Accountability in the Bible: Are there accountability partners in the Bible? Do pastors rule?

Can Man Become God?

Can we earn righteousness by keeping the commandments?

Christianity or Moralism, Can You Tell the Difference?

Clean and Unclean Meats -- The Real Poison of Biblical Dietary Laws and "Health Secrets"

Dead to the Law

Did Jesus Institute Washing Feet As a Church Ordinance or Ceremony?

Did Jesus Magnify or Raise the Standard of the Law?

Does Colossians 2:16-17 Mean that We Should Keep the Sabbath?

Does Exodus 12:49 prove that the law was given to everyone?

Does God Promise Healing Today? part 1

Does God Promise Healing Today? part 2

Does Jeremiah 10 describe the decorating of a Christmas tree?

Do References to the Sabbath after Jesus' Death Mean the Sabbath Is Part of the New Covenant?

Every Man Did That Which Was Right in His Own Eyes

Gadsby's Questions About the Law

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

The Hebraic Roots Movement

How can I know that I am saved?

How can our righteousness exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees? (Matthew 5:20)

If, as you say, the law was given only to Israel, why does Romans 3:19 imply that all the world is under the law and judged guilty by it?

If Jesus Fulfilled the Law, Why Does He Speak of Breaking the Least Commandments?

If We Are Not Under the Law, How Do We Avoid Sin? part 1

If We Are Not under the Law, How Do We Avoid Sin? part 2

In Revelation, Jesus speaks of those who overcome. What must I do to overcome?

In What Way Did Jesus Fulfill the Law?

Is Having Anything to Do With Christmas a Compromise With Pagan Practices?

Is interracial marriage right or wrong?

Is Lucifer another name for Satan, the devil?

Isn't the teaching, "once saved, always saved," arrogant?

Law Is Not For the Righteous

Loosed From the Law

The New Covenant and Race

New Covenant Theology -- The New Covenant and the Decalogue, part 1

New Covenant Theology -- The New Covenant and the Decalogue, part 2

New Covenant Theology -- The Superiority of Jesus Christ and His New Testament Revelation

New Covenant Theology -- When Did the Old Covenant End and the New Covenant Begin?

New Wine

Old Covenant Law and New Covenant Law—Are They the Same?

On the Road to Emmaus

Our Better Covenant

The Personality of the Holy Spirit

Questions from Seventh Day Keepers (best to first read What Is the Christian Sabbath?)

The Resting Place of Faith

Should Christians Keep Christmas?

Should Christians Celebrate Easter?

Showdown in Antioch: Peter and Paul Face Off

The Sons of God

The Transfiguration of Christ "This is my beloved Son…hear ye him"

Twin Dangers — Seeker Sensitivity and Legalism

The United States and Britain in Fantasy

What the Bible Says About Tithing and Christian Giving

What does the Bible say about divorce for Christians? When is it allowed?

What Is the Christian Sabbath?

What is the meaning of Scriptures that say to keep His commandments?

What is the lawful use of the law as stated in 1 Timothy 1:8?

What Is Legalism?

What Motivated Terry Ratzmann's Shooting Spree in the Living Church of God?

What and When Is the Millennium?

Why Christians Believe in the Trinity

Why did Jesus tell the rich, young ruler to keep the commandments to be saved?

Why did the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 tell the Gentile Christians to "abstain from meats offered to idols," etc. Isn't this telling them to keep at least some of the law?

Why does Acts 5:32 say that God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey Him?

Will the wicked really suffer eternal punishment in hell?

Worship Christ! – Not Days!

You say that Christians don't need to tithe. But Malachi 3:7-12 says that not tithing is robbing God. How do you respond?